About "Olvya"

"Olvia" is a unique cosmetology treatment and diagnostic. The center, which uses the best world achievements in this field. Only we have combined cosmetology, aesthetic surgery and anti-aging medicine, three "whales", which hold youth and human health.

Olvya Medical Center is a unique clinic which employs comprehensive approach and best world advances to make you beautiful, restore lost functions of your body and maintain your youth.

Only in our Clinic we lean on three pillars of human youth and health – cosmetology, aesthetic surgery, and anti-aging medicine

Olvya Center for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Cosmetology was founded in 1992 by the Byakovs as the first among the licensed private medical institutions in the Rostov Region. To maintain impeccable reputation is the main aim of our job for 23 years. Our Clinic is furnished with up-to-date equipment. In addition, professional level of our staff is particularly the main reason why you should come to our Medical Center. Medical personnel of the Center include 20 some of the best experts in their fields who regularly undergo internships both in Russia and abroad and employ the most advanced and effective medical techniques. Friendly staff, well co-ordinated work and modern equipment make it possible for our Clinic to provide the best quality services. By collaborating with each other during patient consultation and organizing symposiums, when required, all physicians of the Clinic ensure comprehensive resolution of patients’ problems.

The Clinics comprises a large surgical suite of 150 m2 and a Cosmetology Department of 100 m2. The operation theatre used for intensive care is manned with two teams of anesthetists and intensivists with long work experience who work in shifts. The operation theatre is fitted with anesthesia and breathing machines, cardiac monitors, gas analyzers, endoscopic equipment, equipment for all types of liposuction, fibrin sealant production device, and stem cell isolation kit. In the Clinic there are two recovery rooms furnished with surgical beds, oxygen equipment, and cardiac monitors. Each room has a nurse call system, a bathroom with a shower cubicle, a TV-set, an air conditioner and wireless Internet. Patients take food according to their individual menus. In our Clinic we provide for individual approach to each patient and give them as much attention as required.

Our motto is ‘Stay young, live well and long’

The Center is unique because all the specialists, who help you to stay young and beautiful, including surgeons, beauticians, and anti-aging physicians, work in one place. If you are not ready for definitive surgical treatment, the problem often can be solved to certain degree with the help of cosmetology. This not only helps you save your time but also take detailed advice from our qualified specialists in various fields. You may choose to solve your problem by means of surgical, cosmetic, anti-aging method or combination of the said.

Main areas of focus of the Center: plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery; injection, laser and machine cosmetology and anti-aging medicine; diagnosis and treatment of various diseases by restoration of normal function of the organs.

Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery: We do not seek for beauty standards; specially for you, we create an individual well-balanced shape.

Injection, laser and machine cosmetology: We preserve your youth and enhance natural beauty by bringing it to perfection.

Anti-aging medicine: High quality diagnosis and effective reduction of your biological age by 10 to 15 years.

Individual professional approach to each patient.

In our Clinic we offer individual approach to each patient and give them as much attention as required. We carry out procedures which you can’t do at home, select an individual program which will allow you to steadily step-by-step proceed towards your personal perfection. We wish every person, in any age, could feel confident, attractive, desired and lead a healthy full life. Don’t be scared to refine yourself, make the first step towards your makeover. Don’t think that your problem is unsolvable. It’s an illusion. Come to our Clinic and we will help you anytime. Our experts not only carry out high-class surgeries, they also carefully consider your problems, and give you sincere attention and care. Our Center has impeccable reputation. Make no doubt that as a patient of our Center you will always look splendid

You need to spare only 30 minutes to get our doctor’s advice.

Beauty opens any doors and helps to attain success. Specialists of Olvya Center for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery will help you to get a look of your dream. With age people acquire experience and wisdom but unfortunately we don’t want to preserve all what we gain by getting older. On the contrary, we want to get rid of wrinkles, excess weight, spider veins and pigment spots and as quick, safe and effective as possible. Stresses, bad ecological situation, unhealthy diet, tobacco and alcohol abuse, night shift work – all this causes premature aging followed by deterioration in quality of life within the natural human span of life. Only 30 minutes of your time can change your life: you can not only reach desired beauty and perfection but also become healthier and younger. After all, biological age often does not reflect the actual age. Comprehensive diagnosis of our professionals will help you make the right decision and change the quality of your life.